What is YoPRO?

YoPRO was created to bring athletes high protein and great taste. YoPRO leverages ingredients that are high in protein—like fresh milk. The current range includes 2 formats of skyr yogurt, and a 325 ml protein milk shake. And this is only the beginning.

Where can you buy YoPRO?

YoPRO is available at most major retailers.

What is the difference between YoPRO skyr and regular yogurt?

At YoPRO we use a method inspired from a traditional straining process, which strains out some of the excess liquid, leaving you with naturally thick and creamy yogurt. This is similar to creating Greek yogurt, but the milk is strained further, leaving you with even more protein. A technique inspired by what people in Iceland have been enjoying for thousands of years.

Is YoPRO yogurt suitable for all ages?

As a product containing calcium and high protein, YoPRO is recommended for daily consumption for adults (particularly those that are active). YoPRO is not intended for children.

Is YoPRO suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. YoPRO does not contain any gelatine and is suitable for vegetarians.

Does YoPRO yogurt contain lactose?

Yogurts naturally contain lactose. However, yogurt is generally tolerated better than milk by people who are lactose intolerant because the fermenting agents in yogurt digest part of the lactose. Since YoPRO skyr yogurt is drained, it contains even less lactose than regular yogurt. We recommend you consult a nutritionist for more information.

Is YoPRO suitable for people with allergies?

YoPRO skyr yogurt may contain soy, wheat, oat and nuts. YoPRO is not suitable for people allergic to cow’s milk proteins or other milk components. If unsure always check the pack labels.

Are your YoPRO containers recyclable?

Containers of 150g and 500g are made of plastic no. 5 and 325ml bottle containers are made of plastic no. 2. These plastics are recyclable in most Canadian cities.

Are YoPRO milkshakes shelf-stable?

Yes! As long as the bottle is kept sealed. Once open, product needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 7–10 days.

How are YoPRO milkshakes able to be shelf-stable?

We wanted to create a high-protein drink that you could carry in your gym bag or take with you on a hike. To do so, the fresh milk is flash heated at a high temperature to remove all bacteria. Next, within a clean, sealed environment the milk is transferred to unique aseptic bottles. This is done without adding any preservatives or changing the nutritional qualities of the milk. Leaving you with 26 g of delicious protein that you can take with you on the go!