8 Fun Activities to Shake Up Your Fitness Routine

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Workouts at the gym or HIIT sessions are a great to build muscle size and to get your body in shape, but not everyone wants to work out in a room with machines and equipment. If you are looking for a way to get cut while having fun, there is a great variety of sports that you should consider.

For a sport or a workout to help you get in shape, it needs to get your heart rate up and work every major muscle group in your body. The following 8 fun activities just do that and are great ways to shake up your fitness routine!

1. Sprinting

Sprinters are known for being extremely cut. With anaerobic training, they see extreme metabolic increases after training sessions, which burns calories at an accelerated rate all day long. Excess body fat will rarely be seen on a sprinter’s body. This sport works the fast-twitch muscle fibres without adding outside weight, allowing the body to gain great muscle definition.

2. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing requires careful agility and coordination, and provides a personal challenge to complete more difficult routes. As rock climbing uses your entire arms and fingers to hold yourself up, your back muscles to pull yourself up, as well as your calves, toes, quads and abs to maintain your body stability, this is a really good workout.

3. Parkour

Parkour is a new sport that is gaining a lot of attention. This activity provides a great variety of movement, all very demanding on the core muscles. Full-body in nature, parkour movements increase the calorie burn per minute, making it one sport that will get you in shape very quickly. Not to mention you’ll look badass!

4. Wrestling

Wrestling brings constant stimulation of the fast-twitch muscle fibres in everyday training. You will quickly be burning calories while increasing your speed and strength abilities. These all lead to a toned and chiselled physique.

5. Rowing

Rowing provides mostly upper-body activation. This high-calorie-burning activity is ideal if you are looking to target your shoulders, arms and back with a workout that tones and shapes upper body muscle groups. Rowing will help you melt your body fat while keeping and toning the muscle size you currently have. You can use a rowing machine at the gym, or even better, you can spend some time in nature!

6. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent calorie-burning activity that works many muscle groups at once. Plus, the resistance of the water helps build sufficient muscle strength and definition while not applying too much of an overload to generate increases in muscle size. Check out your local leisure complex or a lake in the summertime.

7. Kayaking

Another amazing water sport to do when the weather allows it is kayaking. Just like rowing, this activity requires almost exclusive use of the upper body. A great way to work out those shoulders, back and arms. Kayaking is also very fast-paced when you are facing strong water currents, you will be burning off plenty of calories during your river run.

8. Gymnastics

Whether you are doing rings, floor routines or uneven bars, gymnastics requires a high amount of sheer muscle strength. As gymnasts gain practice supporting their own body weight, muscle strength will grow to an all-time high, proving this activity to be one of the best conditioning sports.

If you are thinking of switching up your gym routine, why not try one of these 8 activities. Not only will you get in shape and see a remarkable transformation taking place in your body, you will also enjoy getting involved!